Call for Papers

Defending any decent-sized organization is extremely difficult; you have to keep the business up and running while also making sure that attackers will not be able to reach the crown-jewels and you have to do it in a way that makes your C-level executives, managers and users happy.

BSides Luxembourg is a conference that is 100% dedicated to defense, inspiring discussions and knowledge exchange among the participants, whether they are from the red or the blue team side.

CFP deadline: 15.09.2017 Extended: 17.09.2017 23:59 UTC!

There are two tracks for submissions

Discussion Talks

The discussion talks are divided into two parts; the first part is 20 minutes of presentation on the given topic, while the second 20 minutes are for discussions. The presentations should not be necessarily about groundbreaking defense techniques or the latest and greatest innovative research, but they are much more about problems and solutions that affect most of us in our daily work.

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Bring Your Own ... (Workshop)

The idea is to have a more interactive workshop style, where the participants are actively involved and bring their own... "thing" and show what tools and techniques they use to tackle a problem. So for example on a "Bring your own malware sample" (careful with those!) participants are encouraged to bring interesting samples and show them to others, discuss how to analyze such sample, what are the possible pitfalls and how to avoid them.

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